Tericka Paul & Ashley Picard

College Oaks Elementary School
Lake Charles, LA

Project Description:

“iCan Through iNquiry” is Paul’s innovative program idea designed to foster an inquisitive love for learning in science, mathematics and technology. With the hands-on activity science tubs and themed libraries, students will have an abundance of science tools to produce experiments and explore science across the curriculum. Through a variety of scientific experiments, students will use critical thinking skills, gather information or data, and apply their knowledge universally. Through an inquiry-based curriculum, students will be able to use their five senses to create hands-on investigations that are designed to foster a love for learning and an eagerness to solve problems. They will move beyond just gathering information and facts to actually applying, explaining, and showing others what they have learned. Technology, such as a Promethean Activ Table, will promote a collaborative learning environment. Ashley Picard will be implementing the project at the school and she hopes to provide a relevant and cumulative framework for effective learning through inquiry with her program.