Theresa Schmidt

Mary Our Queen School
Omaha, NE

Project Description:

“Word Power/iPad Vocabulary”, Schmidt’s winning project, involves utilizing iPad apps to improve vocabulary skills. The year-long program  will engage students in activities that build their vocabulary, teach word learning strategies and foster enjoyment and satisfaction  using an expanded vocabulary. iPad apps such as Popplet, Doodle Buddy, and Puppet Pals, allow students to creatively explore such  literacy elements as word meaning, synonyms, root words, and prefixes and suffixes. Because vocabulary development is essential to all  aspects of literacy, focusing on the power of words is essential. The apps used in this program are incorporated into whole and small  group lessons and learning centers. Work will be saved on the iPad, allowing it to be shared with other students in the class. Students  also can practice at home in an effort to strengthen the partnership between home and school. Schmidt, who resides in Omaha, believes her  program will help students find success as proficient and advanced communicators utilizing vocabulary to positively impact their reading,  writing, and speaking skills.