Timothy Werbrich

Leasure Elementary
Newark, DE

Project Description:

Werbrich’s winning project, “Leasure’s Math POWER Band Program”, is for the students in grades two through five at Leasure Elementary, to be motivated to become more proficient in math and ultimately more successful in the classroom and on achievement tests. POWER stands for Practicing Operations With Effective Results and takes students through numbers and operations, algebraic reasoning, measurement, data and geometry. POWER gel bands are given at each level of mastery, starting with brown, then onto yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red and then finally black. Depending on the quality of the score on the worksheets, an associated POWER gel band will be awarded. The overall project will help students learn the mathematics in the State of Delaware’s Common Core Standards achievement test at their particular grade level. Students have also shown excitement about the challenge, working the problems, earning the POWER bands, and being recognized in the “Wall of Fame” if they earn the top black band. Werbrich lives in Newark.