Tracey Ball

Judsonia Elementary
Judsonia, AR

Project Description:

“Green Learning Lab” is Ball’s winning program. Judsonia Elementary lacks an area for students to observe nature and its surroundings. They currently have 12-foot-by-12-foot planter beds for each grade level to enhance their learning experiences. Designed to benefit all 330 students in grades kindergarten through sixth, the finalization of the Green Lab will enhance their learning process and meet the required Arkansas Standards. They will be able to observe environmental changes, and record and compile data that will then be turned into charts, graphs and photos. Students will also conduct experiments, record processes as well as discoveries in their journals while sitting in their outdoor classroom because of the metal outdoor tables purchased with the ING grant funds. The lab will also supplement students’ knowledge by allowing them to touch and see first hand how plants and animals live together. Ball, who lives in Judsonia, believes that using these methods of record keeping and organization will allow students to interact and follow processes that occur in nature through the years.