Tracy Epps

Powdersville High School
Greenville, SC

Project Description:

Epps’ innovative, winning program idea, “PADD: Physics Against Destructive Driving”, is designed to decrease the number of teenage automobile fatalities in the county and to increase student understanding of how scientific principles can be applied to real-world settings to make a difference and save lives. The program will address the physics of motion, collision, and momentum. Over the course of a year, students in physics labs will use a variety of  equipment including photogates, collision tracks and carts, motion kits, rocket cars, speed guns, etc., to experiment with motion, momentum, and collision and to manipulate variables related to motion. In addition to investigating and analyzing the laws of energy, matter and momentum, they also will use mathematical equations, graphs and vector diagrams to understand the characteristics of motion and the net result of applied forces. Epps, who lives in Piedmont, hopes the program will create ongoing and sustained dialogue and collaboration among high school students and the community, ultimately reducing moving vehicle fatalities.