Tressa Wede

L.B. Williams Elementary
Mitchell, SD

Project Description:

Wede’s winning program, “Project iPAD: Impacting Performance, Achievement and Development,” is a cross-curricular program that integrates technology with core subject learning. Students will utilize the independent capabilities of the Apple iPad and its educational applications, interactive teaching tools and multimedia content to provide engaging, differentiated, small group activities. The iPads will be used as literacy centers, providing fluency practice for intensive and strategic readers. The project will sustain and enhance the core subject areas with opportunities to provide experiences for visual, kinesthetic, logical, musical, linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal learning styles. Project iPAD will provide new ways of differentiating curriculum through centers, rotations and project-based learning using the iPad. The project will also create new learning opportunities and increase time for individual instruction increasing student engagement and productivity. Wede, who lives in Mitchell, hopes that through “Project iPAD” students will have an opportunity to explore different avenues of learning that integrate the arts and sciences.