Tyson Harty

Jasper County High School
Monticello, GA

Project Description:

“Seeing the Invisible: Student Discovery of the Hidden World of Light and Motion”, Harty’s winning teaching idea, is a science-based  project that will have students investigate “very fast” and “very slow” motion. For the “very fast” motion, they will use consumer and  professional high-speed cameras coupled with force and acceleration sensors, a biomechanics treadmill, and EMG sensors to measure  everyday motion from animal gaits to human sports movements. The same will be done with the “very slow” motion. The students will use  time-lapse cameras to capture the “very slow”, while outdoor, motion-activated infrared wildlife cameras will capture the hidden  movements of organisms. Not limited to the lab, students will view “hidden” microscopic worlds in the field using wireless microscopes  and tablet PCs to examine soil composition, leaf stomata, stream organisms, and clothing fibers. Beyond the visible light spectrum,  students will use optical spectrometry and infrared and ultraviolet probeware sensors, examining everything from currency security to  insect flower detection. A thermal imaging camera will allow exploration of infrared heat signatures, energy audits, mechanical wear and  blood flow. Harty resides in Monticello.