Walter Henderson

Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School
East Boston, MA

Project Description:

“Project C.A.P.: Computer Access Project” is Henderson’s winning project. It’s designed to help “at risk” students at Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School who are struggling in the areas of math and reading to engage differently with the subject matter. Through his project, Henderson wants students to gain foundational knowledge of reading comprehension, literacy, numeracy and automaticity. The ING grant will pay for two laptops in the fourth-grade classrooms where students will be given “C.A.P. Time” where they will be able to practice and build their skills with visually stimulating language arts and math-based educational games. Through this project the students’ performances on standardized tests, comprehension and application of mastering mathematical concepts, critical thinking, and reading comprehension should improve, and will allow them to progress proficiently with their peers. Students who are English language learners and have extremely limited access to computers will benefit from this program. Henderson, who lives in Chestnut Hill, hopes his students will be able to have consistent access to high-quality computer equipment and interactive software to learn in a fun and interactive way and at their own pace.