William Schuyler

Forsyth Central High
Cumming, GA

Project Description:

Schuyler’s winning new program, “Critical Thinking Development in Real World Biotechnology Issues,” was designed to develop students who not only have a firm foundation in relevant Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) content, but who are also able to think critically, while employing application as well. Students who participate in this project will gain advanced content knowledge through hands-on experiences that apply to real-world situations. Students will learn procedures such as DNA fingerprinting, bacterial transformation and protein purification. Students will learn the importance of protocol and the reasoning behind it and will be able to alter the protocol to fit their particular experiment’s needs. As a result, these students will gain hands-on learning experience with the opportunity for diversions and revised procedures as needed. Experiential learning involves acquiring knowledge through reflection on direct experience. Schuyler resides in Gainesville.