Yolanda Cobb

Lake Elementary School
Jackson, MS

Project Description:

“Robo-Genius: An Interactive Approach to Interdisciplinary Learning” is Cobb’s winning program that is designed to help the 450 students in second through fifth-grade at Lake Elementary design and create working robots by utilizing the WeDo Robotics Construction sets by Lego Education. This program extends what is covered in the regular curriculum with the addition of hands-on, technology-based manipulatives, allowing students to make meaningful connections between the science and math concepts. Students will learn to manipulate variables to change the robot’s responses as well as get a chance to see robots respond to the lines of code that they write in real time. Through their robot development, they will also learn the principles behind using basic machinery such as pulleys, gears and levers. Through Cobb’s program, her students will further develop skills in the areas of science, technology, math and language with the in-depth lessons in each area that support Common Core standards. Students will also have a chance to share their knowledge about robots with other students, teachers and parents through presentations using storytelling, computer simulations, demonstrations, as well as during competitions. Cobb lives in Jackson.