A Diversity Strategy In Action

For ING. U.S., diversity and inclusion is more than an ideal. It’s our everyday business reality – and keeping our employees engaged is important to us.

Our success requires that we know how to take advantage of unique differences, thinking styles and contributions of all employees. We develop our leaders to create a culture that embraces and sustains a diverse workforce. We seek individuals who can bring a balance of results orientation and the desire to make it easier for our customers to succeed.

A Strategy In Action

ING is committed to a diversity strategy that is both inclusive and measurable. The core of our diversity strategy is an unwavering commitment to create an inclusive work environment. ING recognizes that employees perform better in environments where they feel welcomed, respected, and rewarded.

We monitor our progress in four key areas. Tracking our progress across these areas keeps us clearly focused on our values and our diversity goals:

  • Workforce Diversity — ensures that our recruitment and retention strategies are aligned with our market and employee engagement focus.
  • Multicultural Marketing — determines our market focus and stimulates awareness of ING and its products and services through a unified marketing effort.
  • Supplier Diversity — promotes competitive advantage and new ideas.
  • Corporate Philanthropy — promotes charitable giving and employee volunteerism in the communities in which we live and work.

Creating a diverse work environment keeps ING competitive, drives our productivity and helps attract and retain talented employees. In a constantly changing business environment, we believe that our ability to leverage the full potential of all employees is the single most important strength that will differentiate ING from the competition.

Rod Martin