Voya-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge

Voya-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge

Voya Financial, in partnership with Girls Incorporated, launched the Voya-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge - an innovative program that gives participating girls practical, hands-on investing experience while allowing them to keep their gains in the form of college scholarships. With the help and guidance of trained Girls Inc. staff and Voya employee volunteers, teams of girls ages 12-18 build and manage diversified, real-time portfolios as part of an integrated investment- and economic-literacy curriculum.

Media Highlights
04/23/2013 | MainStreet.com

MainStreet.com features the ING-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge as it explores the effectiveness of financial literacy programs.

07/18/2012 | LearnVest

LearnVest blog posting profiles the ING-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge.

06/16/2011 | dailyfinance.com

"How to Turn Teen Girls Into Financial Prodigies."


Voya-Girls Inc. Presentation

Two High School Girls Making a Presentation about Investment. Two participants in the Voya-Girls Inc. Investment Challenge make a presentation about their portfolio.


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