Retirement Revealed Study

Retirement Revealed Study

Retirement is a unifying challenge for the majority of Americans - regardless of background. From economic uncertainty and stock market volatility to social security concerns, Americans are generally concerned about their ability to properly prepare and save for retirement. To support the retirement challenges facing American's today and the changing U.S. demographics, ING U.S. commissioned a study, Retirement Revealed, to examine the attitudes, behaviors and preparedness of different ethnic groups regarding retirement. It's critical to better understand the differences among the groups that make up the majority of our nation's workers so that we can better identify patterns to help Americans better prepare for their financial future.

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ING's Retirement Revealed white paper and corresponding fact sheets provide complete study details and insights into how cultural differences affect various financial and retirement investment behaviors, confidence, situations and attitudes.

Retirement Revealed Documents

Retirement Revealed White Paper

African American Fact Sheet

Asian Fact Sheet

Hispanic Fact Sheet

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