ING Financial Partners Supports Female Financial Professionals with Women’s Forum Event

May 14, 2012 Windsor, Conn. Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

ING U.S. will host more than 100 female financial professionals affiliated with its broker-dealer, ING Financial Partners, at the 2012 ING Women’s Advisory Network Forum May 15-17, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.  The conference, themed Breaking Barriers to Success, is an opportunity for women from across the country to gather and expand their professional skills, foster business growth and network among peers in the financial services industry.  Last year, women representatives affiliated with ING Financial Partners increased their new business by an average of 18% from 2010.

“It is extremely productive when women in our field can come together to share ideas, best practices and our collective passion for helping clients secure their lifelong financial security,” said Bonnie Reed, Vice President of Business Development with ING Financial Partners.  “The support, tools and resources women find at ING Financial Partners can help them as they grow their business.  This event provides real-life examples of how women have risen to the top and shows other women the path to reach success in the financial planning industry.”

Women are vastly underrepresented in the financial planning industry and comprise a tiny minority of the overall ranks.  According to industry statistics1, only 14% of financial advisors are women.  At the same time, there is tremendous opportunity for women to thrive in the financial services field.  Research has shown that many women want to work with female financial advisors.  A broker-dealer that supports the needs of women – both as professionals and as clients – can be key to helping women find their pathways to success.

A recent study2 by the ING Retirement Research Institute found that women face some distinct challenges when it comes to their retirement security.  For example, women surveyed in the study had an average of $41,000 less saved for retirement than men.  The study also found that only one quarter of the women polled had a formal investment plan to reach their retirement goals.  Many women are looking for more dedicated saving and financial planning support, and female financial professionals who are attuned to their specific needs can be well positioned to serve them.

The ING Financial Partners Women’s Forum will feature speakers with expertise in marketing, practice management, behavioral finance and technology.  The Forum will also include numerous workshop sessions covering topics such as how to run a successful advisory practice, retirement income planning, estate planning tools, and how to work successfully with women clients.

“The workshops are really where the magic happens,” commented financial advisor and ING Retirement Coach Holly Kylen.  “The workshops are hosted in an interactive classroom environment where ideas, real-world examples and best practices are openly shared.  If a specific technique or approach works for me, I want to share it, not just with broad-brush strokes, but with a specific roadmap to drive greater success for all women within the ING Financial Partners network.”

The ING Women’s Advisory Network was established in 2005 to support the needs of women financial professionals affiliated with ING Financial Partners.  The Network provides ongoing training, mentorship, networking, learning activities and the annual Women’s Advisory Network Forum event.

ING Financial Partners, part of the ING family of companies, is a broker-dealer with more than 2,500 independent representatives nationwide.

1 2011 Cerulli Associates

2 Findings are from an online survey conducted by ORC International during the period of Oct. 5-13, 2011.  Respondents were 4,050 adults between the ages of 25 and 69 who are employed full-time with an annual household income of $40,000 or greater.  Data was weighted to make the results representative of the U.S. population.

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