ING Fixed Annuities launches national 'road show' highlighting unique new trail commission and other FIA information

June 11, 2007 Des Moines, IA Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

ING Fixed Annuities has announced enhanced producer compensation on its fixed indexed annuities, providing a unique new “automatic trail” commission that establishes a percent compensation for the life of the fixed annuity contract in addition to the customary up-front compensation. The new automatic trail compensation, other ING Fixed Annuities product features, and training and other ideas to support long-term practice growth, are the focus of a 30-city ING Fixed Annuities ‘road show’ that began in June and will run through October, according to Chad Tope, senior vice president, ING Fixed Annuities Distribution.

Tope said the new fixed indexed annuity (FIA) automatic commission trail of percent (25 bps), coupled with the customary up-front compensation, will be available to producers beginning June 11, 2007. According to Tope, adding an automatic trail to the FIA is designed both to encourage producers to recognize the ongoing merits and features of the increasingly popular ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company (“ING USA”) fixed indexed annuity products as well as better position producers to conduct regular face-to-face discussions with their clients to assess the benefits and results of the ING USA FIA and other elements of the clients’ individual retirement income and insurance strategies.

New trail comp complements ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit

“The new automatic trail commission, combined with our recently announced ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit, creates a win-win opportunity for producers and their clients,” said Tope. “Clients who select the ING IncomeProtector rider with their ING USA fixed annuity will benefit from a lifetime of guaranteed payments that can continue to grow, and producers, whether or not the new rider is elected by the client, receive income for the life of the contract as well—the result will be a stronger, active relationship between the producer and the client,” he said.

The ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit, announced by ING USA earlier this year, is a rider available on most ING USA fixed indexed annuity contracts that lets the client receive guaranteed payments for life, with the flexibility to stop or resume payments at any time. With ING IncomeProtector, the client’s account value earns 4% during the growth phase of the contract and benefits from an annualized 1.5% increase in the guaranteed withdrawal phase base amount, which can help offset the effects of inflation. The automatic increase feature in the ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit, and the new automatic percent trail, are unique in the fixed indexed annuity marketplace, according to Tope.

New ING Fixed Annuities road show set through October

The new trail commissions, the unique features of the ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit rider, and a training certification process to assure producers have a good working knowledge of FIA features, suitable sales practices and ING USA business principles is the impetus for a 30-city, coast-to-coast ING Fixed Annuities ‘road show,’ which began last week in Southern California and continues through late October, according to the company. During the half-day sessions, participants will also learn about approaches to high-impact marketing and will receive a CD-based client presentation and other presentation tools.
The ING Fixed Annuity road show sessions will be held in the following locations. Exact times and schedules are available by calling ING Fixed Annuity team at 800.369.5301.

  • Arizona: Phoenix (Aug. 23)
  • California: San Francisco (Aug. 21)
  • Colorado: Denver (Sept. 25)
  • Florida: Orlando (Aug. 7); Tampa (Aug. 8); Miami (Aug. 9)
  • Georgia: Atlanta (Oct. 24)
  • Illinois: Chicago (Sept. 12)
  • Indiana: Indianapolis (Sept. 13)
  • Iowa: Des Moines (June 20)
  • Kansas: Kansas City (Sept. 27)
  • Massachusetts: Boston (Oct. 11)
  • Michigan: Detroit (July 24)
  • Minnesota: Minneapolis (June 21)
  • Missouri: St. Louis (Sept. 26)
  • Nebraska: Omaha (June 19)
  • North Carolina: Charlotte (Oct. 25)
  • Ohio: Cleveland (July 25); Cincinnati (July 26)
  • Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh (Oct. 9); Philadelphia (Oct. 10)
  • Tennessee: Nashville (Oct. 23)
  • Texas: Dallas (July 10; Houston (July 11); San Antonio (July 12)
  • Utah: Salt Lake City (Aug. 22)
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee (Sept. 11)

Seating for each road show is limited, so interested insurance professionals are asked to call 800.369.5301 to reserve a spot for the session nearest them.

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IRAs and other qualified plans already provide tax deferral like that provided by an annuity. Additional features and benefits such as contract guarantees, death benefits and the ability to receive a lifetime income are contained within the annuity for a cost. Please be sure the features and costs of the annuity are right for you when considering the purchase of the annuity.
Please note that the likelihood of obtaining value from the ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit rider decreases as issue ages increase. In order for owners issue age 75 and above to benefit from this rider, the interest credited to your accumulation value must be significantly less than expected based on historic averages. Depending on your issue age and the interest credited to your accumulation value, deferring your payment stream may significantly reduce the likelihood of obtaining value from the ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit.

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