ING Guides Customers through Financial Life Stages in Next Phase of Marketing Campaign

August 30, 2010 Windsor, CT Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

New Commercial Debuts with Company’s Revamped Consumer Website

ING rolls out a new television commercial this month titled ‘Life in Numbers.’  This latest commercial represents the next phase of ING’s award-winning marketing campaign focused on motivating consumers to prepare for retirement and their financial future.  It also coincides with the company’s newly-redesigned public website.

The campaign, which first launched in 2008, underscores the importance of identifying the amount of money a person needs to retire the way they want while protecting loved ones.  With this estimate in hand, an individual can take the next step towards more comprehensive financial planning.  This includes working with a trusted professional and factoring in such things as employer savings plans, life insurance and retirement income needs.

Past commercials have featured people carrying bright orange retirement numbers as they go about their daily lives.  An interactive web tool,, enables consumers to calculate their number.  In 2009, the advertising evolved to reflect the volatile market conditions and emphasized the importance of protecting that number.  This past February, ING unveiled another spot called ‘Gazillion,’ which communicated the importance of proactive planning and using your number as a strategy to prepare for future goals.

With its latest commercial, ING broadens the concept with a new focus—using the number to help people take steps to plan for retirement throughout their entire financial life.  

“Knowing one’s retirement number is a very tangible way for each of us to begin thinking about our goals, especially as we travel on life’s financial journey,” said Ann Glover, Chief Marketing Officer for ING Americas.  “The platform is a clear, effective way for ING to connect with customers and for financial professionals to start meaningful conversations with their clients.  Whether it’s saving into a 401(k) plan, purchasing a life insurance policy to protect family members or securing an IRA or annuity for retirement, our latest advertising underscores the importance of preparing for the future—and how ING can be a trusted partner every step of the way.”

ING’s ‘Life in Numbers’ spot portrays a series of key moments in one man’s life.  Set to a score of upbeat music, the main character rapidly enters and exits through doors to several different scenes in his life, stopping briefly to interact with someone or something along the way—at his job; on his wedding day; after the birth of a child; in his family’s new home; with his adult kids and their children.  Much of the commercial is filmed from an overhead perspective, offering only a glimpse of the framework within which these scenes are playing out—an oddly shaped hallway here, a curved partition there, and an occasional wall with the color orange. 

In the final shot, the camera pulls back to reveal that all these events have taken place within the character’s retirement number, which has been on his desk at work all along.  The young man looks down with satisfaction, and then caps the number with an orange lid.  A narrator explains how life is full of little twists and turns, but that ING can help and that the first step is finding your number.

Consistent with other spots in the campaign, the new commercial ends with the main character on the iconic ING Bench.  To view the commercial, visit

ING’s ‘Life in Numbers’ debuts August 30 and will air on major broadcast and cable outlets during coverage of professional Grand Slam tennis in the U.S.  In addition, the spot will run along with ’Gazillion’ on financial news stations and during network coverage of high-profile sporting events throughout the fall season, including professional golf and professional and collegiate football.

To complement the television commercial, ING will run targeted digital display ads on popular web sites.  The media effort will include banners ads on finance sites, a paid search campaign and custom retirement planning news feeds on the web tool.

Both television and digital advertising will drive interest to ING’s recently transformed public website,  The redesigned site provides a streamlined experience for all audiences seeking customized life stage products and services.  Consumers starting out, raising a family or preparing for retirement can follow a simple and clear path to desired information, such as customer accounts, products offerings and ING’s industry-leading self-service tools and calculators.  In addition to, these tools include, which allows consumers to compare their personal finance behaviors and retirement savings progress to others just like them.  Another is, which walks individuals through the different types of insurance and helps them gauge their needs.

The upgraded site makes it easier for existing clients and professionals to do business with ING, while attracting new consumers through web campaigns, polls, search and social media. 

“Our goal is to provide a clearer, customized gateway for consumers, clients and business partners to know our brand and obtain the right information and resources,” added Glover.  “The message we’re delivering through our new commercial and website is simple—no matter what stage you’re at in your financial life, ING has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.” 


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