ING introduces competitive new disability plan for Texas educators and education employees

April 10, 2008 Minneapolis, MN Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

ING has introduced a new highly competitive disability plan designed specifically for Texas educators and education system employees, according to an announcement by ING Employee Benefits.

The new ING Texas Educators Disability Plan offers a ”best in class” disability insurance product with cost-competitive benefits, a new standard in terms of claims management, and a family of other optional benefits that employers can extend to those who take advantage of the plan, according to Mark Hebert, general manager of ING Employee Benefits’ Texas region. “ING’s Texas Educators Disability Plan is a new alternative to similar plans traditionally available to Texans who work in education,” said Hebert. ING is a global financial services company that has provided retirement savings services and insurance to Texas educators for many years. The company’s overall financial health – traditionally viewed as a measure of an insurance company’s ability to pay claims over the long term, is reflected in the strength of its ratings, which are among the best in the industry.*

Disability insurance, typically offered as an optional benefit through most Texas schools, protects people against loss of income in the event they are unable to work because of disability due to injury or serious illness. Texas education employers typically select a plan for their employees that can provide the best benefits and services at competitive prices. Employees then have the option to enroll in the plan they choose at the benefit level they need.

According to ING, among the standard features of the new Texas-specific product are:

  • The ability for plan participants to select monthly benefit payment amounts in $100 units, with a monthly maximum benefit of $7,500.
  • Flexible benefit waiting periods, depending on the individual employee’s preference and expectations.
  • Convenient payroll deduction and Spanish-language service capabilities.
  • A menu of additional benefits and features that employers can offer employees as standard or optional, such as a Medical Treatment Benefit, an AD&D Benefit, and many other features that can be part of the plan design selected by the employer.

Hebert also notes that the new Texas-specific disability claims are serviced through a single point of contact rather than the central call center model customarily provided by many disability insurance companies. ING claims managers who will support the new Texas client base average 15 years experience, Hebert said.

ING’s announcement of the new disability insurance product designed specifically for the Texas education market follows the company’s announcement last month of its new Spanish-language option for customers calling its insurance service centers in the U.S. and other in-culture education and benefits enrollment materials. ING said that recent research conducted by the industry group LIMRA International indicates the importance of in-language service among Hispanics in the U.S. The LIMRA study indicated that 94 percent of Spanish-dominant and 75 percent of bilingual Hispanics said it is important to have Spanish-speaking representatives to discuss their insurance needs. “The introduction of our new Texas Educators Disability Plan, coupled with our new Spanish-language service capabilities for plan participants, further demonstrates ING’s dedication to the education market and to Texas educators in particular,” said Curt Olson, CEO and president of ING Employee Benefits business.

Olson said ING has already begun discussing its new disability product with Texas education employers who are interested in learning how the product and related services can help them attract and retain the best employees in Texas. Administrators interested in the ING plan or other insurance products and services should contact ING at (800) 955-6965, ext. 4005776.

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