ING introduces ING Secure Index family of indexed annuities

October 24, 2005 West Chester, PA Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

NG Secure Index Opportunities Plus Annuity
ING Secure Index Five Annuity

ING Secure Index Seven Annuity

ING U.S. Retail Annuities Business Group, a unit of ING U.S. Financial Services, is introducing a new ING Secure Index family of index annuities providing an innovative mix of guarantees, flexibility and choice.

"We believe people are looking for ways to save with opportunities to grow their savings, and annuities can be an attractive alternative because of the combination of guarantees and benefits unique to annuities," said Harry N. Stout, president, ING U.S. Retail Annuities Group. "Index annuities, such as the annuities in the ING Secure Index family, offer protection from market risk with minimum guarantees and the potential for higher credited interest than may be available with traditional saving vehicles."

The ING Secure Index family is comprised of three index annuities:

  • ING Secure Index Five, which carries a surrender charge period of 5 years
  • ING Secure Index Opportunities Plus, with a 5 percent first-year premium bonus*
  • ING Secure Index Seven, which carries a 7-year surrender charge period and reflects the renaming of ING Secure Index, first introduced in 2003 by ING

The ING Secure Index product family also offers individuals the flexibility to choose the index-crediting strategy or strategies that best meets their desired balance of risk and the possibility of higher credited interest. The four available index-crediting strategies are: Fixed Rate Strategy; Point-to-Point Participation Index Strategy; Point-to-Point Cap Index Strategy; and Monthly Average Index Strategy.

“We introduced the first ING Secure Index a couple of years ago, and it is recognized as one of the leading products of its type,” said Stout. “In response to market demand, we decided to expand our offering and developed the ING Secure Index family of index annuities, and can now offer additional choice to people interested in the value these products can provide.”

For more information about the ING Secure Index family of indexed annuities, financial advisors should contact ING at 800-369-5301.

*Products offering a bonus may offer lower credited interest rates and/or caps, than products not offering a bonus. Over time, and under certain circumstances, the amount of the bonus may be offset by the lower credited interest rate and/or caps.

Contracts issued by ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company, 909 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309. Products not available in all states. The assets and rankings of ING have no impact on ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company’s ability to meet its obligations or on the performance of its products.

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