ING Reinforces Strategic Alliance with Asian American Insurance and Financial Professional Association (AAIFPA)

June 2, 2009 West Chester, PA Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

The Asian American Insurance and Financial Professional Association (AAIFPA), the only national nonprofit organization that serves Asian-American insurance and financial professionals, held its 2009 annual convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City, Calif., on Friday, May 29. The theme of the conference was “Make Your American Dream Come True.”

The AAIFPA convention, with ING as title sponsor, was a one-day event that comprised a press conference, keynote speeches, continuing-education workshops, a trade exhibition, and a dinner gala to licensed agents and brokers who work closely with the Asian communities. More than 500 Asian-market focused insurance and financial professionals attended this national conference.

“Northern California has a significant Asian population, and holding our national conference here is an important step in our growth as a national organization,” said Ms. Haidi Huang, president of AAIFPA Board of Directors. “We couldn’t produce a successful event like this without the support of the Northern California Chapter and our sponsors, particularly our exclusive executive business partner, ING. ING is an organization that genuinely understands the needs of our communities, which is not surprising given its diverse workforce and global presence in countries like China, Korea and India.”

"The American worker, investor, or business owner of tomorrow will most likely be a first- or second-generation American with a unique cultural background. ING is proud to serve them and their communities," said Mr. X. Rick Niu, executive vice president and chief growth officer of ING’s U.S. Insurance Group. “By providing life insurance, retirement solutions and investment products for multicultural consumers, our services make it easier for multicultural Americans — and their family members, businesses, and communities — to plan for their long-term prosperity.”

“As part of our strategic alliance, much of ING’s involvement is geared towards developing insurance and financial services professionals who play an important role in America’s Asian communities. ING sponsors events, professional educational workshops, financial literacy programs for the community, and provides other support to AAIFPA,” said Ms. Huang.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Mr. Niu added. “As insurance and financial services professionals work diligently to weather the storm and realize their American dream, ING is in the same boat with them and committed to building a bright future side-by-side with them.”

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The Asian American Insurance and Financial Professional Association (AAIFPA) is a national nonprofit organization that serves Asian-American insurance and financial professionals. AAIFPA offers workshops, conferences and other opportunities for insurance and financial planning professionals to advance their knowledge and network with others through its local chapters. Formally established in 2007, AAIFPA is the first national insurance and financial professional membership organization of the Asian community.

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