ING U.S. Inaugural “IUL Academy” Educates Life Insurance Agents

June 21, 2012 Minneapolis Share: Print Subscribe to Email Alerts

The ING U.S. Insurance business will be hosting its first-ever ING IUL Academy for insurance agents on June 25-27, 2012 in Minneapolis.  The purpose of the Academy is to support the indexed universal life (IUL) insurance market, which is one of the fastest growing product segments of the insurance industry.  According to LIMRA industry data released in May, 2012, IUL sales jumped 22% and policy count grew 41% in the first quarter of 2012 from the previous quarter. 

In today’s low interest rate environment, indexed insurance products are attractive to clients.  The guaranteed minimum interest rate feature provides downside protection from adverse market performance, while the indexed strategy offers an upside crediting potential if markets perform well.  The ING IUL Academy provides an opportunity for agents to gain knowledge, practical skills and sales techniques to grow their success in this popular product segment.

“As a leader in the insurance industry, ING U.S. is committed to providing top notch sales support to our wide network of distribution partners,” said Kurt Fasen, senior vice president of ING U.S. Insurance Sales Support.  “The three-day ING IUL Academy offers a forum for agents to grow their understanding of how IUL can fit in their clients’ portfolios and best practices in the sale and ongoing service of life insurance products.  The ING IUL Academy is tailored to suit a range of skill levels, from agents just starting out in the indexed market to those who are more experienced.” 

The ING IUL Academy will feature a wide range of workshops on topics such as analyzing IUL contracts, product evaluation, marketing and business building strategies, premium financing using IUL contracts, and executive benefits sales concepts.

Executive benefits solutions that utilize life insurance are gaining popularity.  There is growing evidence that spending levels for individuals, especially executives, will not be much lower in retirement than it is in their working years.  Given this data, the potential for supplemental retirement income can be a highly valued benefit for key executives. 

Earlier this year, ING U.S. Insurance launched the ING Global Life Concierge Program — a high-touch service to help agents, employers and policy-holders navigate the details of ING’s Indexed Universal Life-Global Plus and Self-Owned Life and Retirement (S.O.L.A.R.) insurance arrangements.  S.O.L.A.R. insurance arrangements provide employees with supplemental retirement income through a cash-value life insurance policy, in addition to providing death benefit coverage.  Employers are increasingly adding them to compensation packages as a way to reward and retain valued talent. 

“The ING Global Life Concierge Program and ING IUL Academy are two examples of how ING U.S. provides a ‘white glove’ experience to our distribution partners,” added Fasen.  “Indexed insurance products can be very intricate.  Part of our job is to minimize the complexity and support our clients and agents with the training and education they need – either in-person, online or over the phone.”

The ING Global Life Concierge Program is available to customers of ING’s Indexed Universal Life-Global Plus (ING IUL-Global Plus) issued by Security Life of Denver Insurance Company. 

For more information on the ING IUL Academy or the ING Global Life Concierge Program, please call (866) 464-7355 and select option 4.

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ING IUL-Global Plus, policy form series #1182-12/10 with an equity indexed feature, varies by state and may not be available in every state. It is issued by Security Life of Denver Insurance Company (Denver, CO), a member of the ING family of companies.

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