We believe corporate responsibility has a true effect on our company’s triple bottom line. We seek to positively impact societal issues where we can draw on our core competencies and human capital to solve issues that affect communities and in turn, business. We seek out areas of need that coincide with our business objectives because we believe that integration is the best methodology for execution of our corporate responsibility strategy. To that end, we approach our corporate responsibility in the same way we employ the delivery of our products and services: planning, refining, measuring and reporting.

Materiality and Stakeholder Engagement

As we continue to refine our corporate responsibility strategy, we are reviewing our methodology for stakeholder engagement and the determination of what societal and environmental challenges are material to our business. We periodically review our stakeholder identification, mapping, prioritization and materiality analysis. We believe communication with our stakeholders is most effective when it is a two-way street. Effective, clear, concise communication is often the largest challenge in the operation of a business — with reciprocal listening at the top of the list. The graphics below show our current stakeholder maps — external and internal. We regularly review our stakeholder communications and engagement practices and refine them to meet the evolving needs of our businesses and our stakeholders, as well as meeting best practices standards and legal requirements.

External Stakeholders Internal Stakeholders


As a company committed to corporate responsibility, we manage this function with the same strategic considerations that we apply to the creation and delivery of our products and services. The Office of Corporate Responsibility (OCR) is headed by a senior vice president who also acts as the Voya Foundation president reporting to the Voya Foundation board of directors.

The OCR reports to the Voya Financial Chief Legal Officer and works collaboratively with every business and function, with particularly active connections to human resources, procurement, marketing, sales and communications. Corporate responsibility-pillar related councils assist with oversight and other similar committees assist in the management of our work within the pillars. The councils and groups below, made up of senior leadership and other employees who are passionate about corporate responsibility, and volunteer their time in addition to their full-time roles. Councils and committees include:

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Green Leaders Council
  • Voya Financial Community Partners
  • Multicultural Affairs Council
  • Orange Goes Green Teams