Online Services

Voya™ Employee Benefits enhances its broad array of insurance products with value-added technology and tools to ensure ease for employer clients throughout the benefit communications, administration and billing process.

At Voya Employee Benefits, we are committed to making it easy to do business with us. For your convenience, we provide two billing options:

  • Electronic billing is available for voluntary products
  • Online billing is available for group and voluntary products

Voya Employee Benefits offers several electronic billing formats in order to ease the payroll center's role in inputting deduction amounts. Payroll coordinators are available to discuss specifications of electronic transfers. This call can be coordinated with a representative from payroll, human resources, systems, or a third party payroll (e.g., ADP). After employee applications are processed, a list of participants with their deduction amounts will be generated and forwarded to the appropriate input site. Both electronic and paper reports are available upon request. Ongoing changes (such as cancellations and increases) can be sent either electronically or via paper reporting.

To learn more about our helpful online services contact your Voya Employee Benefits representative.

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