Term Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect families, homes, children's educations and help settle expenses in the event of a customer's death.

  • Protect the family: Life insurance helps replace income when a family needs it most.
  • Protect the home: For most families, their home is the largest asset. Life insurance can enable the family to remain in the home, pay the mortgage and avoid the trauma of relocation.
  • Protect the children's education: Covering the soaring cost of education becomes even more difficult when there is a loss of income. Life insurance helps secure children's futures.
  • Settle expenses: Life insurance can also help cover financial expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs, as well as unplanned expenses and unforeseen financial crises.

ING TermSmart and ING TermSmart* NY:

A competitive level term product, 10-15-20 year level premium guarantees renewable to age 95,1 four No Tobacco underwriting classes, convertible to a cash value policy without evidence of insurability,2 can prepay3 up to 10 years.

All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company, who is solely responsible for all obligations under its policies.

Certain restrictions and/or limitations may apply; refer to ING Term Conversion Rules.

Prepay option is not available in all states. Prepayment deposits are held in a separate fund earning a guaranteed rate of interest. All interest earnings are income taxable to the policy owner.