403(b) Regulations

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The final IRS regulations for 403(b) plans released on July 26, 2007 mean more oversight responsibility for plan sponsors, and 403(b) sponsors generally need to comply with these final regulations effective January 1, 2009.

The prospect of meeting the new requirements in light of your limited time and resources does not need to be overwhelming. From plan documents, common remitter capabilities and plan administration services to education for both plan sponsors and participants, ING U.S. is here to help you handle the increased plan administration the final regulations entail.

ING U.S. (including its legacy companies) has been a 403(b) service provider to schools and their employees since 1967. With over 850,000 individuals participating in our 403(b) investment vehicles1, we understand the demands placed upon public schools and 501(c)(3) hospitals/not-for-profit organizations, and the limited resources available to you.

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1 Statistics based on internal data as of 03/31/2009

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