Supplemental Health Products

Supplemental insurance products are limited benefit policies that work in conjunction with your employer provided benefits. This is not medical insurance. There are no co-pays or reimbursements for services.

These products offer added protection when life throws an illness or accident your way.

  • Critical illness insurance pays a one-time, lump sum benefit amount upon the diagnosis of a covered illness or condition. These illnesses – things like heart attacks and strokes – can derail your life. They can keep you from working. They can make it difficult to do the simple things that you take for granted every day. Critical illness insurance can help you get your life back on track as you recover.
  • Accident insurance works in a similar fashion, paying a specified amount after you suffer a covered accident. You can’t prepare for an accident – but you can prepare for its aftermath
  • Hospital confinement indemnity insurance pays lump sum benefits for covered confinements in a hospital, critical care unit, or rehabilitation facility.

You can use the benefits from these products in any way you see fit – for example: co-pays, deductibles, child care, housecleaning, groceries, utilities… any purpose that can help you meet your personal, financial, or household needs.