Enjoying My Retirement

Enjoy My Retirement

Sure, you're ready to enjoy the freedom you've worked so hard to achieve.  But you need to keep an eye on how you're covering the expenses that come with that new-found freedom, too.  Smart management of your finances can make it easier.

Manage Investments

Manage Investments  NEW Image

Your personal savings and investments are the cushion between you and perhaps a limited lifestyle. Smart retirees know that their “cushion” needs a regular fluffing, with constant attention to goals, allocation, diversification, and risk.

Manage Your Plan Assets

Manage Your Plan Assets  NEW Image

At age 59½, you get the green light to take savings from your employer-sponsored plan without penalty. But you don't have to start withdrawing from your plan until age 70½. So before you opt for income, let's take a step back and assess. 

Charitable Giving With Life Insurance Charitable Giving With Life Insurance

As Americans, we enjoy the feeling of giving to others, whether it’s family, charities, or non-profit organizations. Life insurance is a versatile financial tool with features that may potentially be advantageous in charitable giving.

Income Needs Calculator Income Needs Calculator

Whether you want to know how much your pile of money might last, or you want to know how much to save to generate a certain income in the future, this calculator will let your slice and dice income options any way you like.

After Tax Calculator After Tax / Equivalent Yield Calculator

This calculator can help you make a comparison between taxable and tax- advantaged yields. For the purposes of this calculator, tax-advantaged refers to investments that may be federal income tax free or state and federal income fax free.