Managing My Paycheck

Managing My Paycheck

Making the most of your paycheck can be a real balancing act. How do you cover today’s needs without jeopardizing tomorrow’s? Whether you’re a newcomer to the working world or a seasoned veteran, do what you can now to manage your financial life.

Retirement for WomenRetirement Planning for Women

Women tend to live up to six years longer than men, on average. Scientists – as well as comedians! – have many explanations for the disparity. For women, though, longevity means more than scoring points in the battle of the sexes. It means they need to be more financially prepared for retirement, while overcoming numerous financial obstacles.

Changing JobsChanging Jobs?

We live in a rapidly changing world. Current events, new technologies, economic changes and more all affect our personal and work lives. In keeping with this rapid pace of change, one in five of us will change jobs this year.

Increasing ContributionsIncreasing Your Contributions

How many ads have you seen for something that can be yours for "just $10 a month?" These offers are appealing for one reason: Most of us can afford the 10 bucks. And what if $10 a month could net you almost $10,000 – at a time when you need it most, such as retirement?

Job LossJob Loss

“Downsizing” is a term most people are too familiar with. Unfortunately, losing your job today isn't all that uncommon. It’s something most people go through. But how you approach your job loss – and your next steps – are the keys to getting your career back on track.

Missed OpportunityMissed Opportunity

Are you immune to this classic sales pitch – Don’t miss this once- in-a-lifetime opportunity! What if there really was a fantastic opportunity you shouldn’t miss? Investing in your employer sponsored retirement plan is definitely one of those times.

Financial CalculatorFinancial Objectives Calculator

This very versatile calculator will help you run the numbers on any financial objective: from how much you may need today to how much you may have tomorrow and solve for what rate of return will help get you where you want to go.


From your body to your car, regular maintenance can help you avoid future problems. You visit your doctor annually to keep yourself in peak physical condition, just as you take your car in for a tune-up to keep it running smoothly. Your investment portfolio needs the same regular attention. Ignoring it could put your financial future in jeopardy.

Your Employer Sponsored PlanYour Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

The roller coaster ride of the financial market continues its downward decent making the term "financial struggle" something everyone can empathize with. With the current economy at an extreme low and unemployment rates at an extreme high, you may be wondering where you can find an alternative source of money.

Small Increases Can Add UpSmall Increases Can Add Up

If your goals for saving aren’t realistic, you’re not as likely to stick to them, so start small. Try adding 1% of your salary to what you’re already saving. Then take some time to see how the increase fits before deciding whether or not you’re ready to try to save more.

The Benefits of Regular RetirementThe Benefits of Regular Retirement Plan Maintenance

Major life changes can create a whole new set of expenses that compete for a portion of your income, so you should periodically re-evaluate your investment goals and expectations based on your current situation.

Tax DeferralTax Deferral

Nobody enjoys paying income taxes. Of course, putting off taxes is rarely a good strategy, as you could find yourself paying substantial fees in late penalties. But what if putting it off could actually save you money? By investing in your employer-sponsored retirement plan, you can do just that.

Tax Deferral CalculatorTax Deferral Calculator

This calculator shows the hypothetical difference in future value of a specific dollar amount invested in a taxable investment vs. a tax-deferred alternative, both on a pre-tax and after-tax basis.

After TaxAfter Tax / Equivalent Yield Calculator

This calculator can help you make a comparison between taxable and tax- advantaged yields. For the purposes of this calculator, tax-advantaged refers to investments that may be federal income tax free or state and federal income fax free.

IRA Eligibility CalculatorIRA Eligibility Calculator

Wonder if you can deduct an IRA contribution? Are you eligible to purchase a Roth IRA? This calculator will give you the answers you’re looking for.

IRA Comparison CalculatorIRA Comparison Calculator

Wondering if a Traditional or Roth IRA may be good for you? This quick comparative tool will lay out your options.

Roth Contribution Comparison CalculatorRoth Contribution Comparison Calculator

This calculator is designed to help you compare the possible results of investing in a Traditional (pre-tax) and a Roth (after-tax) retirement plan. It provides three points of comparison: Impact on Take Home Pay, Estimated Retirement Account Balance, and Estimated Distributions From Retirement Account. Whether you participate in a 401(k) or 403(b) program, this analysis will assist you in determining which option may be best for you based on your personal financial situation.

Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator
Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator

Are you maximizing the value of your employer-sponsored retirement plan? Try using this contribution rate calculator to see the long-term financial impact of small increases in your contribution rates.