Preparing to Retire

Preparing to Retire

No matter what your individual expectations might be, with proper planning you can prepare for a more comfortable retirement.  Whether it’s a new hobby, a second career, or spending time with family, preparing today will help ensure you’ll be free to focus on the things you want to do.


Congratulations! After a lifetime of work, it’s time to enjoy. But first, you will need to think about how you’ll best use your retirement investment to make your retirement years the culmination of all your dreams and goals.

Retirement VisionRetirement Vision

How do you picture your retirement? Maybe you’ll be traveling the world. Or golfing. Or just relaxing and enjoying the grandkids. Now ask yourself how you’re going to turn that picture into reality. Will your current path allow you to pay for your vision of retirement?

Retirement CalculatorRetirement Calculator

Are you looking forward to the day when you can take it easy? This tool can help you put some concrete expectations to your retirement lifestyle and help you determine if you're on track to achieve that goal.

Early RetirementEarly Retirement

For most of us, 65 is a magic number. It’s the age we plan to retire. But for some, that magic number may be 60. Or even 55. An early retirement though, means more than simply an end to working full time. It means more planning, more saving and smarter decision-making to prepare for your future.

Transforming Your Retirement Assets Into IncomeTransforming Your Retirement Assets Into Income

You have the potential to turn retirement into the next exciting chapter in your life. Are you ready?

Income Needs CalculatorIncome Needs Calculator

Whether you want to know how much your pile of money might last, or you want to know how much to save to generate a certain income in the future, this calculator will let your slice and dice income options any way you like.

Financial Objectives CalculatorFinancial Objectives Calculator

This very versatile calculator will help you run the numbers on any financial objective: from how much you may need today to how much you may have tomorrow and solve for what rate of return will help get you where you want to go.

Essentials of Estate PlanningEssentials of Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of financial life. It is the process of intentionally transferring the assets we’ve built during our lifetimes to those we love at our deaths with the least amount of loss and delay.

Life Insurance As an Asset ClassLife Insurance As an Asset Class

Life insurance can be much more than just an insurance policy. It can be a strategy, a strategy to help us avoid losses and keep as much value as possible in the family.

How Much Will Life Insurance Cost Me?How Much Will Life Insurance Cost Me?

Well, that depends. First, we need to determine: how much coverage is needed, what type of coverage is needed, and the overall health and age of the person being insured. It’s no surprise that the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premium will be. Get answers. Use our Life Insurance Calculator.

Supplemental Retirement IncomeSupplemental Retirement Income

Using a Tax-Qualified account to fund your life insurance policy can be a great way to save for retirement. Learn how life insurance can supplement your retirement income.

Catching UpCatching Up

Imagine the journey to retirement is a race, and your goal is to reach a certain savings plateau. With the finish line in sight are you worried that you may be behind? If only there was a way to give yourself a boost, to catch up. Now there is.

Business Planning & ContinuationBusiness Planning & Continuation

There are a few things many business owners don’t consider that, if left unattended, could easily bring your business to its knees almost overnight. Proper planning can help preserve the value of the business by protecting it from the loss of a key employee and guide passing of ownership so it’s not left to chance.

Executive BenefitsExecutive Benefits

Finding and retaining the right talent for your organization is the key to the success of many companies today. As the competition to attract these people for your company continues to heat up, you need to have a strategy to help you get and keep these highly talented and driven employees.

IRA Eligibility CalculatorIRA Eligibility Calculator

Wonder if you can deduct an IRA contribution? Are you eligible to purchase a Roth IRA? This calculator will give you the answers you’re looking for.

Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator
Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator

Are you maximizing the value of your employer-sponsored retirement plan? Try using this contribution rate calculator to see the long-term financial impact of small increases in your contribution rates.