Retirement Visions

Retirement Visions
Retirement Visions — Reaching out for your retirement realities


Reaching out for your retirement realities

As you look out to the future, what do you see yourself doing? Have you formed a picture of your ideal retirement? Have you discussed your vision with your partner or spouse? Whatever your goals—spending more time with family, traveling, volunteering, starting a business, or earning your black belt in karate—planning and preparing now will help you get organized so you can achieve your goals.

Planning now can help you achieve your retirement goals later.

If you look at retirement as more of a reinvention, then anything and everything can be on the table. New challenges. Exciting adventures. It may help to write down your dreams and goals and include time frames and cost estimates to make them more real. Think about whether downsizing your home could help you pay for everything you want to do and perhaps simplify the journey.

Consider the various activities you might be ready to pursue:

  • Volunteering — Put your life skills and wisdom to good use in a charitable organization, or get involved in a political campaign.
  • Learning — Always wanted to learn French? Or think flying a plane looks like fun? You could head back to college for that higher degree or just for the thrill of learning.
  • Working — Starting a small business or experimenting with a new career can be rewarding. Become a coach or a mentor. Working part time could be a good way to transition from a full time worker to a full time retiree.
  • Traveling — Seeing the world, or even visiting interesting destinations closer to home, can be a fulfilling way to use some of that extra time you now have.
  • Relaxing — Maybe dialing down the activity meter sounds better to you. Spend time with family or maybe just enjoy doing nothing.

Plan with us

It’s a good idea to discuss your dreams with your financial professional so you can map out a plan that aligns your goals with your financial resources. We’re here to help with whatever planning expertise or solutions you may need to turn your retirement into reality.