Envision Your Retirement

Envision Your Retirement — Planning for Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be All Stress and Numbers


Envision Your Retirement — Planning for Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be All Stress and Numbers

Try a different approach to retirement planning. When it comes to retirement it’s normal to feel apprehensive especially surrounding financial planning. But, what if we took a different approach? Instead of concentrating only on how and what to save, what if we also took the time to remember what we’re saving for?

Whether you have grandchildren to spoil, a hobby to excel at, new continents to explore, a part time job or volunteer work you’ve always wanted to do, or just simple relaxation in your future, you have wonderful experiences ahead. And that is fantastic news. Financial planning is, of course, an extremely important part of the retirement preparation equation. But, an often overlooked – and debatably more important part of the process – is envisioning your future. Find out what you want to do in retirement, and that will help you determine how much you need to save for it.

Instead of concentrating only on what to save, what if we also took the time to remember what we’re saving for?

Imagine your new life

You may want to start by writing your ideas down. Or if you’re more visual, clip photos or post them online using a forum like Pinterest. Once you have a list of things you would like to accomplish in retirement, research them. Find out more about what it actually costs to travel two months out of the year. What kind of equipment will you need for fly fishing? What activities do your grandchildren take part in; would they rather go to a baseball game or the theatre? Are there local language classes you can take? Will you want to continue living in your current home or area?

It’s essential to talk to your partner or spouse about your future together. During your initial discussion make sure that your goals align, and then check in with each other periodically to make sure you’re both staying on track. It’s also important to speak with your children and friends. After all, they will play a major role in your life. Envision your retirement together – and have fun with it.

Plan with us

After you’ve truly thought out and planned the future you want, you can then start thinking about funding it. It’s a good idea to share your dreams with your financial professional so you can map out a realistic plan that aligns your goals and your financial resources. After all is said and done, will you need to scale back or compromise on some of your goals? If so, a financial professional can help you consider your options. Whatever planning expertise or solutions you may need to turn your retirement into reality, we’re here to help. You can work directly with a retirement consultant to discuss your retirement income planning.