Rollover to an IRA

Rollover to an IRA — Sometimes your retirement savings needs to get a move on


Rollover to an IRA — Sometimes your retirement savings needs to get a move on

With so many retirement-savings options available, and the average U.S. worker having three to five jobs in a lifetime, it’s easy to accumulate multiple 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other accounts. Keeping track of them can be difficult. One simple solution is to consolidate your accounts into a traditional IRA through rollovers or IRA transfers.

What is a rollover into an IRA?

A rollover is when you move the money from your retirement plan into an IRA. You avoid having to pay taxes or penalties that would be due if you actually received a cash distribution. Everything moves over to the new account where it continues to have the potential to grow income tax deferred.

A rollover is when you transfer money from your retirement plan into an IRA.

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What can you roll over?

You can do a tax-free rollover from most employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts that contain pre and post-tax contributions, including:

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You can also roll over funds from one traditional IRA to another or from other Roth accounts (like Roth 401(k)s or Roth 403(b)s) into a Roth IRA but you can’t mix Roth funds and pre-tax employer plan or traditional IRA funds.

Why consider a rollover?

Consolidating multiple accounts into a rollover IRA can help you:

  • Avoid overlapping investments — With multiple accounts, you might inadvertently invest in the same investment across different accounts. A rollover makes it easier to track where your money is invested.
  • Simplify your paperwork — Instead of having multiple statements in varying formats, you can see your total retirement investing picture on a single statement.
  • Know where your money is — A rollover keeps your assets in one place where it’s easier to manage, making it less likely you’ll forget about an account from many years back.
  • Future consolidation opportunities — Once you set up a rollover IRA, you have a convenient place to consolidate future accounts if or when you change jobs.

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Rollovers can help you take control of your retirement savings, particularly if you’re finding it hard to remember where all of your money is invested. Often, moving money into a rollover IRA can lower your account management expenses and provide you with a wider range of investment options.