Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life Insurance — Protecting Those Who Matter Most


Protecting Those Who Matter Most

If something happened to you, would your family and loved ones be able to cope without your income? That’s where life insurance comes in. It provides financial protection for your family and can help offer some financial security for you.

If something happened to you, would they be protected?

Life Insurance Calculator

Ensure you have enough to protect your loved ones.

Assuming life insurance makes sense for your family situation, the amount you need depends on a combination of factors. Marital status, number of dependent children or elderly relatives, financial debts, career stage, short-term and long-term goals and your age are just a few of the variables that come into play. We have a calculator that will help you determine what the appropriate level of protection.

Life insurance offers many benefits. It can:

  • Replace monthly income to help with daily living expenses
  • Cover medical bills
  • Pay off debts like a home mortgage, credit cards and other loans
  • Pay funeral expenses and estate taxes
  • Help with college tuition costs
  • Create an estate for heirs, and
  • Support a favorite charity

Life insurance payments are made directly to your beneficiaries (rather than going through your estate), which means your loved ones may get the money faster and with potentially fewer tax issues.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the three basic types of life insurance—term, universal and whole—and explain how the policies work and who might benefit from each type. You’ll get the information you need to ask the right questions when you talk with your insurance professional. 

Plan with us

If people depend on you for support, life insurance can be smart life planning. It can help ensure you can care for those you love if you’re not there. ING Insurance Professionals are ready to help you find the personalized insurance solutions you need.