Program Overview

Program Overview

Retirement Readiness makes retirement planning less intimidating

The Retirement Readiness program offers clear guidance to help you become confident and take control of your financial life. The program combines ongoing education, straightforward advice and realistic recommendations from ING Financial Partners (IFP) Financial Advisors to help you create a truly integrated approach to retirement planning.

Retirement Readiness has five simple steps that will guide you through to create a holistic plan for retirement.

The ING Way of Advice

A retirement planning process that begins with your employer-sponsored plan.

Step 1 – Engage

We will engage in dialogue to understand your financial situation, what you’re trying to accomplish and discuss how financial planning can help you prepare for retirement.

Step 2 – Explore

We will explore your current savings approach, specific financial goals and concerns and identify any gaps to create a holistic retirement plan.

Step 3 – Design

Working together, we will design a strategy that reflects the circumstances and risks you face and helps you meet your personal retirement goals. You will receive guidance and an action plan that helps you implement your retirement vision.

Step 4 – Implement

If you choose, we will work with you to execute the agreed-upon strategy to progress on the path toward building a more comfortable retirement.

Step 5 – Continually Manage Your Plan

If appropriate, together we’ll review results periodically, making any necessary adjustments, and evaluate your progress and overall satisfaction.

It’s important to remember that retirement planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Proper implementation of a retirement plan and periodic professional reviews are crucial to reaching your retirement goals.

Let’s talk about your retirement.

Call us for a quick assessment of your retirement readiness and receive personalized guidance about the steps you can take to feel more confident about your current situation and your future plans. IFP Financial Advisors are available to help you create an integrated plan for all your retirement saving activities.

Whether you connect with us in-person or by phone, we’ll guide you through a proven process to create your own retirement road map. Depending on how close you are to retirement and the complexity of your financial needs, we offer two services.1

Retirement Snapshot Financial Plan

A quick check-up on your current retirement savings situation

  • Designed for those with relatively simple financial situations and answers questions like:
    • Are you on track to fund your retirement based on what you are doing today?
    • How much income will your savings generate each month in retirement?
    • How long can you expect your savings to last?
  • Provides your current retirement savings evaluation, net worth statement, access to household budgeting tools, college savings plan (or another major savings goal, if education is not applicable)
  • You will receive a personalized action plan with easy-to-follow next steps to improve the potential for your retirement readiness in conjunction with other financial priorities
  • You will have access to trained, phone-based IFP Financial Advisors to assist with the planning process or to discuss and facilitate any action steps you choose to implement

Typically takes two sessions to complete
Cost: FREE

A personalized analysis of complex financial situations

  • Designed for those with more complex financial situations and addresses strategies for your financial goals including retirement income, estate planning, and life insurance and helps you prioritize your actions to reach them.
  • Provides an in-depth analysis of your complete financial situation, which may include tax-efficient withdrawal strategies, social security and pension analysis, executive benefits and charitable giving.
  • You will receive a personalized action plan with recommended strategies to work toward achieve retirement readiness and other financial goals
  • You will have continued access to an IFP Financial Advisor to discuss your financial situation and to implement any action steps you choose

Typically takes multiple sessions to complete
Cost: Up to $1,500

Ready to Talk?

In a recent study, people who worked with a financial professional reported feeling 60 percent more confident in their financial future.2 If you’re ready to plan for your financial future, contact an IFP Financial Advisor today!

1Depending on your employer, there may be a fee for certain services. Call us at the number above to find out today

2Source: 2012 ING Retirement Research Institute