Webinar Library

Webinar Library

Planning for your financial future can mean a sense of celebration and anticipation for the freedom and opportunities that lie ahead. It can also bring some uncertainty about managing your money as you plan for your life’s goals.

That’s why we designed the Retirement Readiness Webinar Library—a collection of online webinars designed to arm you with information that can help you get organized, work toward the retirement you want, and feel confident about taking control of your financial future.

Choose a topic that interests you. Be sure to check back periodically for new topics. If you have questions or wish to speak to someone about your retirement planning, feel free to call an ING Financial Partners Financial Advisor at 855.887.6857.


Creating a Personal BudgetCreating a Personal Budget

This seminar helps you to review your expenses and learn how to budget your money. It also provides strategies to reduce or consolidate your debt.

Get Ready for Health Care CostsGet Ready for Health Care Costs

Know the various costs and options for health care coverage in retirement including Medicare and private insurance. Budget for rising costs and consider nursing homes and assisted living.

Retirement Can Be Costly Retirement Can Be Costly 

See why you should start saving now. Consider ideal and acceptable budget ranges, address debt, and learn the importance of a balance sheet now and in retirement.



College Funding

Debt ManagementCollege Funding

Learn about how to plan and fund your child's higher education.


Debt Management

Debt ManagementDebt Management

Learn about debt and credit scores, good and bad debt, credit card facts and more. Get out of debt with a budget and action plan and avoid debt for good.


Estate Planning

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for the rich. Find out how you may be able to pass on more assets to your heirs and potentially minimize what you give to Uncle Sam.

Sandwich GenerationSandwich Generation

Learn how to financially plan for your children’s college education, your own retirement and your parent’s aging care needs all at the same time.

Getting Organized

Intro to Personal FinanceIntro to Personal Finance

Assess your current financial situation, set a budget and learn about banking and debt. Understand how to invest your money and considerations for working with a financial professional.



Thinking About RetiringThinking About Retiring

Consider the benefits of working with a financial advisor, ensuring you have a complete set of financial documents, and creating a plan to get to retirement.

Three Phases of the New RetirementThree Phases of the New Retirement

Plan for the three stages of retirement—early, active years, slower middle years and planning for later years—plus know how to leave a legacy.


Investment Basics


Investing 101Investing 101

Gain the basics of cash, bonds and stocks, the various styles of investing, dollar-cost averaging and diversification.





Reviewing Your Asset AllocationReviewing Your Asset Allocation 

Want to learn how to become a well-balanced investor? Do you know why it’s important to be well-balanced? This seminar is designed to help you understand how to obtain proper asset allocation in your investments.


Market Volatility

Staying the CourseStaying the Course

View information to help you stay focused on your retirement objective and cope with the market’s ups and downs. This presentation will touch on topics such as dollar-cost averaging, asset allocation, diversification, and how to avoid making some common mistakes.



Retirement Income

Cracking the Nest EggCracking the Nest Egg

A seminar for the current or soon-to-be retirees that discusses the life changes this new stage represents. Also, we will review various methods for taking retirement income distributions.



Planning Your Retirement IncomePlanning Your Retirement Income

Learn the various sources for retirement income, how Social Security works and how to create an income stream from your household assets.



Take Control of Your RetirementTake Control of Your Retirement

Address longevity, inflation, withdrawal rates and market volatility. Understand how the sequence of returns and asset allocation can impact your plan.

Talking About RetirementTalking About Retirement

Learn the ING way of advice and the advantages of starting early. Take control of your retirement by saving both in and out of your retirement plan.

Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning for WomenRetirement Planning for Women

You'll need more than your woman's intuition when it comes to retirement planning. This module is an informative, yet entertaining seminar that focuses on retirement planning and the issues that women in particular may face.



Planning your wayRetirement Readiness - Planning Your Way

Learn how a holistic financial planning approach can help you be more confident and organized as you save for your future, no matter where you are in life. Understand investor emotions and the benefits of working with a financial advisor.



Setting a Retirement GoalSetting a Retirement Goal

Learn why “your number” is important, the sources of income and how to calculate your number, and important savings techniques—start early, save automatically and follow an investment strategy.




Your Retirement NumberYour Retirement Number

Picture your daily life in retirement and understand the costs involved. Calculate “your number” as a benchmark and beginning to the planning process.