Become a Saver

Become a Saver — Make Saving Second Nature


Become a Saver — Make Saving Second Nature

We are often told to save money for a rainy day. As kids, many of us had piggy banks that we would put our loose change into. That piggy bank probably evolved into a savings account at a local bank. Regardless of your life stage, saving money remains extremely important. 

Get ahead by starting now

Today, as an adult, saving may not seem like second nature with all the additional expenses you didn’t have as a child, but, saving – even if it’s a small amount, should still be a priority. And it pays to do so. In fact, according to, a 25-year-old worker who saves $5,000 a year throughout her career will amass nearly $1.3 million by the time she's 65, assuming eight percent annual growth.

…regardless of what your long-term goals are, saving money will help you achieve them…

Although starting to save can be overwhelming due to the fact that it’s hard to know where to start, it’s important to set money aside. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to keep track of every purchase, instead focus on a few areas where you can spend less. Try to eat in more and avoid things like impulse buys. Remember, spending less means saving more, so every dollar counts.

A good way to start saving is by mapping out your expenses. By documenting your spending, you can quickly determine where certain expenses can be reduced. It might be surprising to see how much money is spent on certain things like dining out and fueling your car. Try to avoid the situations where you look at your bank statements and wonder where your money is going. Those “small” miscellaneous purchases can add up.

Map it out

Creating a budget, even if it’s partial, can help you save more. An easy way to start is by putting more of your paycheck into a savings account. Giving yourself less to spend might be difficult at first, but you will thank yourself later. Also, if you have some form of savings strategy written down or a budget mapped out, you will have a better understanding of where your money is spent. Understanding where it goes is essential to help minimize your spending.

Plan with us

Regardless of what your long-term goals are, saving money will help you achieve them. No matter the amount of money you set aside, it’s better to save than not. Extra money gained through saving can help you reach your goals and handle life’s unexpected events.