Retirement Consultants

Retirement Consultants — Helping you create a personalized retirement plan


Retirement Consultants — Helping you create a personalized retirement plan

You’ve got a vision for your retirement. We can make it clearer by helping you create a personalized retirement plan. We can help you understand the whole process so you can gain more control over your money.

The Benefits of Speaking With a Retirement Consultant.

You’ll build an ongoing, one-on-one relationship with your consultant. He will get to know you and your personal situation. Your Retirement Consultant will assist you as much – or as little – as you want and you’ll have direct access to him via phone and email. He will work with you to select the investment options that best meet your needs and goals. ING Financial Partners offers a complete array of product options and services.

No matter what your situation may be, our Retirement Consultants are here to help.

Why Go With Guidance?

Your Retirement Consultant will take a look at your existing retirement accounts, then help you come up with a plan that makes the most sense. If you’re on the right track, a Retirement Consultant can help reaffirm your choices and offer a few suggestions. If you haven’t gotten that far, he can help you create an organized, thought-out plan. Most importantly, he can help you improve your understanding of the entire process: from rolling over an account into another product, to discussing distribution options, or conducting a suitability review.

ING — The Company Behind the Retirement Consultants.

  • ING is a U.S. leader in retirement, working with 13 million clients.
  • We offer: a complete portfolio of product options and services and the ability to make changes or adjust your account anytime.
  • With information and a wide variety of products and services, we help empower our clients.

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