Forms Library for Associations

Administering a benefit plan can be a complicated job for any administrator. To make things easier for you, we maintain an online Forms Library for easy access to the forms you need for these coverages: ­

  • Association Group Term Life
  • Association Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Individual Yearly Renewable Term Life (YRT)
  • Individual Three-Year Term Life (TriTerm)

Note that forms on this site are standard Claim and Administration forms. Any Enrollment or Application forms must be obtained through your Account Representative.

When printing multiple-page forms, please make every reasonable attempt to print these as 2-sided pages.

Remember to complete any applicable Administrator or Employer section(s) before distributing forms to insureds or beneficiaries.

Please contact your Account Representative for any questions you may have regarding the use of these forms.

You may contact Voya™ Association Sales at 800-372-5288.

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