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ING Studies

Why and how do people - investors and those who do not invest - make the decisions that can be so important to their future retirement preparedness?

The ING Retirement Research Institute explores these questions to help gain a deeper understanding about what motivates people to save or not to save and whether there are demographic and employment factors we need to consider in motivating improved retirement behaviors - and potential retirement results.

Retirement in Review Retirement in Review

New study looks at 5.1 million participants in ING-administered plans for Public Sector (Government, Education, and Healthcare) and Private Sector (Small- mid sized and Large) employers.

Redefining Retirement Readiness Redefining Retirement Readiness

Redefining Retirement Readiness study examines the role – and potential impact – of holistic financial guidance in the workplace.

Advisor Value Advisor Value

ING “Retirement Revealed” report examines potential benefits of consulting with a financial professional.

ING State of Savings

ING State of Savings looks at Savings Progress and ‘Savings Score” on a state by state basis.

What About Women (and Retirement)? What About Women (and Retirement)?

New “Retirement Revealed” data looks at women’s retirement planning and financial situations, with additional insights based on age, marital status… and a special report about women currently raising children.

Lessons Learned in Higher Education Lessons Learned in Higher Education

Study focuses on retirement and financial realities for college and university employees, both faculty and staff.

Marriage and Money Marriage and Money

New “Retirement Revealed” looks at retirement and other financial behaviors and patterns for marrieds, singles and divorced workers.

Retirement Across the Ages

Retirement – and retirement planning – aren’t what they used to be! Learn more about how different generations (Gen Y / Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Matures) save and plan for retirement.

Culture Complex Culture Complex

New “Retirement Revealed” study offers important insights about how cultural differences in various financial and retirement investment behaviors, confidence , situations and attitudes.

Public Pensions in Focus Public Pensions in Focus

Never before has the future of public pension plans received so much attention, and often the discussion is charged with emotion, points-of-view and politics. New study from the Institute examines the high level situation, and offers tools to help stakeholders review, analyze and document specific situations with an unbiased- solution-neutral presentation.

Retirement Income Retirement Income

With employer-sponsored Defined Contribution (DC) plans, the obvious goal of participating – creating retirement income – is seldom considered as part of the plan’s enrollment process, investment options, ongoing communications and often retiree and pre-retiree services. New research discusses expressed consumer interest in and need for a “next generation” solution that encompasses both investment and income planning.

Retirement in Review: 2010

ING examines retirement investors in private and public sector Defined Contribution plans, looking at recent account experience, loan and hardship withdrawal patterns and investor demographics.

Mapping the Mindset Mapping the Mindset

Mapping The Mindset of the Retirement Consumer
New reports explore the interconnected emotional pathways that affect investing.

Shining a New Light on Retirement
New study examines the new dynamics of retirement savings in light of increased individual responsibility, and retirement consumers’ desires for more information, guidance and services.
Participant Preferences in Target-Date Funds

Examining perceptions and expectations among Target-Date Users and Non-Users

Public Employees in Focus Public Employees in Focus

New insights into the motivations and mindsets of state and local government employees.

Value of Advice Value of Advice

New study demonstrates that working with an advisor may result in increased retirement savings, discretionary income and retirement confidence.

Training for Retirement "Training" for Retirement

Research indicates that many Americans may not be adequately preparing for the longest race of their life - retirement.

ING Educator's Economic Index ING Educator's Economic Index

How do educators feel about their retirement readiness? How do they make financial decisions?