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ING Educator's Economic Index

Groundbreaking study that focuses exclusively on teachers to get at the heart of teachers' personalities, opinions, motivations, and habits – financial and otherwise. According to the findings, very few have developed a formal, written financial plan. The majority have put little to no effort into calculating their retirement needs. More than half wished they could invest more into their voluntary retirement plan through their workplace. Learn more…

v"ING Educator's Economic Index" White Paper

ING Educator's Economic Index White PaperWhite paper provides complete study details.

v"ING Educator's Economic Index" Presentation

ING Educator's Economic Index PresentationComplete study details in presentation format.

v"ING Educator's Economic Index" Executive Summary

ING Educator's Economic Index Executive SummaryOne pager provides an executive summary of the study.

v"ING Educator's Economic Index" "Lift and Load" Summary

ING Educator's Economic Index Lift and Load SummarySummary presentation of the study containing modular commentary and illustrations that can be used for customized presentations.

Press Release: ING Study: Most Teachers Lack a Plan for their Financial Future