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Public Employees in Focus

Groundbreaking study that focuses on the financial realities of today’s state and municipal employees and the greater role 457 plans can play in helping them achieve their retirement goals. According to the findings, government employees are personally and fiscally very conservative. They rely heavily on personal connections in making purchase decisions. A majority are unsure about their ability to set aside enough for retirement. Learn more.…

v"Public Employees in Focus" White Paper

Public Employees in Focus White PaperWhite paper provides complete study details.

v"Public Employees in Focus" Presentation

Public Employees in Focus PresentationComplete study details in presentation format.

v"Public Employees in Focus" One Pager

Public Employees in Focus One PagerOne pager provides an executive summary of the study.

v"Public Employees in Focus" “Lift & Load” Presentation

Public Employees in Focus Life & Load PresentationSummary presentation of the study containing modular commentary and illustrations that can be used for customized presentations.

Press Release: ING Study: Majority of Government Workers Unprepared for Retirement … and Looking to Save More