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Online Tools

Quick links to innovative tools and calculators to help better understand retirement planning needs and options.

ING Your Number

ING Your NumberSite companion to ING’s national advertising campaign walks people through simple steps to set a number they might want to target for retirement savings.

ING Compare Me

ING Compare MeConsumer tool that lets people compare their own financial situations and outlooks with their peers.

ING Benchmark Wizard

ING Benchmark WizardCreates plan-level benchmark reports, comparing plans to similar plans on a number of dimensions.

 Tools & Calculators on

Tools & Calculators on ING.usA variety of retirement education tools and calculators.

My Retirement Outlook

My Retirement OutlookRetirement preparedness planning tool that helps consumers create a personalized retirement needs and paycheck analysis to identify potential retirement planning gaps.

Retire With INGA new retirement-focused educational site from ING addresses retirement issues and options at various life stages.