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Public Employees in Focus White Paper


White paper provides complete study details.


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"Training" for Retirement

Research indicates that many Americans may not be adequately training for the longest race of all – retirement. Investors under estimate the long-term power of even incremental increases in retirement savings. Few seek the council of a financial advisor, and few have a formal financial plan.

v"In It for the Long Run?"

Value of Advice

New research highlights the value of working with a financial advisor. The study indicates that people who work with a financial advisor tend to save more for retirement – up to three times more. They also have more discretionary income and have greater retirement confidence.

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Public Employees in Focus

Groundbreaking study that focuses on the financial realities of today’s state and municipal employees and the greater role 457 plans can play in helping them achieve their retirement goals. According to the findings, government employees are personally and fiscally very conservative. They rely heavily on personal connections in making purchase decisions. A majority are unsure about their ability to set aside enough for retirement. Learn more.…

ING Studies

ING Studies

Why and how do people - investors and those who do not invest - make the decisions that can be so important to their future retirement preparedness?

The ING Retirement Research Institute explores these questions to help gain a deeper understanding about what motivates people to save or not to save and whether there are demographic and employment factors we need to consider in motivating improved retirement behaviors - and potential retirement results.

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